“There is a long tradition of searching among the followers of Jesus – it’s a quest, really, for ways to connect with God – and it has been undertaken by some of the most intelligent and deeply spiritual persons ever to walk this planet.”   Tony Jones, The Sacred Way.

If that kind of pursuit, to be wrapped into the presence of God, seems unobtainable for you then The Sacred Way is a must read. The book’s subtitle makes the life of spiritual formation accessible with the phrase “Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life”.

Jones’ book is an excellent tool of the newer Christian looking to go to a deeper level in their spiritual formation or for the long-time Christian feeling “stuck” and needing tools to bring a new awareness of the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Each chapter is laid out in a way that makes the spiritual discipline approachable by sharing:

  • a current narrative to introduce the discipline,
  • its ecclesiastical history,
  • the theology of the discipline and
  • a section on practice of the discipline to integrate it into your own faith walk.

“In a world that thrives on fast food and facile political slogans, where feeling comfortable seems to be the American high ideal, The Sacred Way is an invitation to explore spiritual practices that will quicken and expand our everyday lives.” Edward Bradley

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