We love all the “stuff” that comes with Christmas, but sometimes we are so busy going to parties, decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, and writing our wish lists that we don’t give space to Jesus. The best part of Christmas is Jesus – for he was God’s gift of love to us. The best part of Christmas for Jesus is you. Jesus wants you to spend time with him.

So, let’s get back to basics and make Christmas simple. In everything we do, let’s ask ourselves, “where does Jesus fit in?”
The SLD Team has created a Christmas resource that can be used in Sunday School and is good for the whole family!  There is a craft in which you make a Christmas wreath and is also an Advent Calendar.  During the four weeks of Advent, you will read God’s Word daily to prepare your mind and heart for Jesus’ birthday. Then, on the four Sundays before Christmas, we’ve provided short readings that you can do with your family and light (click on) a candle to help keep you focused on the true meaning of Christmas…Jesus!

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