Lectio Divina, (pronounced lex-ee-oh diveen-ah) is an approach to scripture that calls you to encounter God through a biblical text. It is an ancient practice of the early mothers and fathers of the Christian faith, which is tried and true. It causes the reader to slow down and be more reflflective of God’s Word and understand how it relates to him/her today.

Lectio Divina is a way to engage scripture for transformation. Your response to that last statement may be “of course!”, but often we approach scripture for the gathering of information. Certainly, gathering biblical information is important; whether it be for collecting information for a Bible Study, Sunday School Class, etc. When we approach the Word on an informational basis, there is the possibility of missing out on the intimacy that God yearns to have with us.

To learn more about Lectio Divina and how to practice this exercise, check out the links below:

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