This scripture speaks of undistracted focus. It can be applied to our innermost being waiting for God- giving our undivided attention to the God-who-lives-within-us.

In his book, Resilient, author John Eldredge explains a simple practice called “benevolent detachment,” we must get untangled from all the distractions.

“We are aiming for release, turning over into the hands of God whatever is burdening us and leaving it there. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama in unhealthy ways and then we are unable to see clearly, set boundaries, respond freely.” Theophan the Recluse

We need to find time in our day to let it all go—all the tragedies in the world and heartbreaks. Our souls were never meant to inhabit this world; therefore, it is vital to find a way to let them go for a period to allow God to restore what the world tries to deplete from our souls.

This is where benevolent detachment comes in – learning to give everyone and everything over to God. We are simply pausing and releasing those cares that weigh us down. We are not letting go forever but momentarily letting go for a few moments of focused prayer.

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