Go Take a Hike!
A Summer Spiritual Rhythm for Individual and Family Use

We’ve created a new resource for you to use this Summer!

Summer. When Memorial Day has come and gone, when the final dismissal bell of the school year rings, when the days are longer and warmer and brighter, we look forward to a slower pace. The hope is there are vacations, day trips, and picnics. But, before you know it, Labor Day has come and gone, and it’s time to reign in a slower pace and get back into a more scheduled routine.

Summer can lend itself to a more leisurely stride in which dwelling in God’s presence can be more easily felt, but intentionality is vital. There are spiritual rhythms for summer that call you to give time and attention to what God says to you as you spend more time outdoors.

Renew the wonder of God’s truths by experiencing it on a hike or leisurely walk. Bring this resource and a pen to record your reflections as you journey with God. Pack your backpack with water, fruit, and maybe some trail mix. Put on your sneakers or hiking boots, walk nature’s paths, hike trails, splash through babbling streams climb a mountain (or maybe your style is more a slow incline). Find God in the vast mystery of his creation and during these summer days.

Rediscover your smallness and his greatness. As you do, you will marvel with renewed wonder: “What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” Psalm 8:4 (NIV). Let go of any expectations and allow yourself to be open to God as you hike. Remember, he is your hiking companion.

Taking a walk with God takes being aware of the five senses that he has instilled in you, and as you do, every step will be an act of worship.


Two Resources in One

This booklet holds a guided hike for one person in solitude with God. If you want to make it a family worship experience, you will find the “A Hike for the Whole Family” section. Whatever way you decide to use it, may it bring you closer to God, the Creator of the nature that you explore.


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