SO…you’re considering what a personal spiritual retreat might look like.

You are taking the first step into a beautiful space that is for only you and God. There may be some hesitation or expectation of what you will receive or not receive from this experience. The real first part of this process is to be present and open in this journey. Allow your comfort zone to be stretched a little and commit to disconnecting from our crazy-busy schedules and



reconnect with God.

This experience is self-care. Far too often, we consume our energy and time to the priority of others around us and add ourselves to the bottom of the list. Why do we do that? Are we worthy of taking time for ourselves to rejuvenate and reenergize? The answer is YES. In case there was any hesitation, the answer will always be YES. 

The downloadable guide (in English and Spanish) will provide some suggested instructions to encourage you to be creative with your time, flexible with how the process works for you, and keep it simple. Read over the various spiritual practices before you begin your retreat. Lean into welcoming God’s presence with you during this sacred time. Then, start this whole process by committing to it by writing in your planner or on your calendar a “reservation with God.” Hold to that reservation. Block the time. Find a quiet space, a retreat center, or an outdoor area that will allow you to rest, just for you, and let the journey begin.  

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