‘Community: A Spiritual Rhythm’

Community is all around us.  We were born into a family. We attend classes, we play and work on teams, and we worship in congregations.  Human beings are made for living in community. It is in community that we flourish and become most fully human.  Then why is it that we sometimes run from this togetherness?  Maybe at some time,words have been exchanged, and feelings have been hurt, misunderstandings have gone unresolved, and grumbling in the community gets wearisome. It seems so much easier to live life solo. The need for belonging will sometimes arise because God has created us for community.

In her book Living Into Community, Christine Pohl shares some basic practices that, if intentionally applied, can help maintain health and wholeness in any community.  Several practices could be considered, but most seem to fall into the following categories:

  • Expressing gratitude
  • Making and keeping promises
  • Speaking truthfully
  • Practicing hospitality
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