‘A Method for Creating Your Own Breath Prayer’

It goes without saying that life can get complicated. We start out to complete a seemingly simple task and we unearth layers of steps that must be taken to get the task done correctly. This can be true whether it is a home-improvement project, organizing a family get-together, or rearranging our schedules to take on an added responsibility. These examples may have you whispering to yourself, “Why does life have to be so complicated?” Sometimes these extra hurdles, whether willingly added or unforeseen, suck the life out of the project.

Unfortunately, this mindset can creep its way into our prayer life.

If you are finding it hard to concentrate on the Lord during prayer time or any time of the day, a breath prayer may be the answer to your crowded thoughts or flighty emotions. A breath prayer is a straightforward sentence that God leads you to create to help you center your heart, mind and soul on Him and we’ve created a resource to help you create your very own breath prayer

Click here to download the print version of this resource

*Printing Notes:  This resource was created to reprinted on legal size paper (8.5 x 14).  We also recommend a thicker paper, as the intension is to detach the built in bookmark that participants will write their breath prayer on.

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