An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest
Author: Alan Falling

Jesus is a perfect example of someone who intentionally balanced the high demands of those around him in his ministry but found a “grace-paced” life to be present in his times of rest. The moments of withdrawing from the crowds or having a quiet meal with his disciples were part of his rhythm. Perhaps your experience in ministry often demands on-the-move active work, but the “grace-paced” life feels out of reach.

Fadling writes, “Jesus practiced a pattern of disengagement in order to be with the Father. Lukes uses the word often. He didn’t say that Jesus chose this early-morning communion with the Father once, or here and there, or on occasion. This consistent prayer time was a regular part of Jesus’ daily life when he walked this earth. He practiced this regular rhythm of holy disengagement in the midst of even his busiest seasons of ministry engagement…How life-giving might that same pattern be for us?”

An Unhurried Life is a personal story and reflection for anyone who desires a balanced life with work and rest. The Biblical truths and examples of work and rest are relatable throughout the book for those who find the challenges of balancing work and rest. Discover how to live a more “grace-paced” life and less of “unholy-hurry” by learning to identify areas of our lives that thrive in the “unholy-hurry.” Then, learn through some spiritual practices how to create and engage in practical steps in your life.

The book provides reflection questions at the end of each chapter. Reflecting on the response might reveal an area you see as being “unholy hurried.” This 190-page book affirms our need for a balance between work and rest.

A prayer for you from the book, “Father, help me walk today in your grace and peace, with holy energy and creativity for the work you have for me to do today.”

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Review written by Joanna Polarek

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